Meet the people of BICO

We may have kicked off the Bio Convergence revolution, but the start of that revolution comes from within. The growth of our company relies on talented, dedicated and passionate people who give their all each day to contribute to the advancement of the future of health.
Our BICO family is comprised of devoted individuals whose work drives the change needed to challenge the Bio Convergence industry.
Over the last few months, we have continued to add to our family, and couldn’t be more excited to showcase their wide-ranging talents. Here, we will introduce different members of the BICO team, to give you all a closer look at the faces who make our industry leading team possible.

Legal advisory excellence

Meet Ana, Paralegal at BICO

A sustainable
future of health

Meet Alice, Sustainability Officer at BICO

A more financially strong BICO

Meet Sebastian, Head of Treasury at BICO

Bringing exciting announcements to life

Meet Alyssa, PR Manager at BICO

Enhancing financial reporting

Meet Lars, Senior Financial Controller at BICO