More Relevant Alternative to Testing Personal Care Products on Animals.

“There are currently so many problems with women’s healthcare products. Partly, because they depend on archaic animal testing to approve new products. A lot of research shows that animal testing results do not provide an accurate reflection of safety.”


Wendy Strgar, CEO

Good Clean Love is advocating for the use of a 3D model of human tissue developed by MatTek as a more relevant alternative to testing women’s personal care products on animals.

In the US, personal lubricants are classified as medical devices by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As such, these intimate products are subject to regulatory requirements that include animal testing. But some argue that, beyond the ethical concerns, testing solely on animals is both outdated and detrimental to the health of female users because of the significant physiological differences.

As Strgar learned more about the limitations of animal testing, she got introduced to the BICO company MatTek and their EpiVaginal™. A tissue model cultivated from human tissue that responds like in vivo human vaginal tissue and facilitates animal-free testing protocols that better mimic a woman’s anatomy.

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