Rapid Test Availability in Higher Volumes and Lower Prices

“Ginolis LFDA technology alongside our long-established lateral flow manufacturing know-how is a great combination and enables us to work with many new customers on a whole array of different lateral flow tests. This ultimately helps us achieve our mission: To improve life by making rapid results accessible to all.”


Oliver Gardner, Chief Operating Officer

A suite of Ginolis LFDA assembly solutions helps Abingdon Health to produce tens of millions of rapid tests per year. The combination of Abingdon Health’s long-established lateral flow manufacturing expertise and Ginolis LFDA technology enables the company to achieve the company’s mission: To improve life by making rapid results accessible to all.

Reproducible quality is vital for manufacturing accurate lateral flow tests. According to Abingdon Health, Ginolis certainly facilitates this to a large extent. The Ginolis LFDA system is flexible enough to work with the lateral flow test specifications of the company’s clients, enabling them to load multiple different tests onto the machines. This allows the company to offer flexible lateral flow manufacturing solutions in vastly increased volumes and at lower prices as part of their automated services.

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