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CELLINK announce distribution agreement including new products for Single-Cell RNA Sequencing and NGS Library Preparation

CELLINK AB and seqWell, Inc. have entered into an agreement in which CELLINK will commercialize seqWell’s products, including the upcoming plexWell Single-cell Rapid Kit for plate-based single-cell RNA sequencing, to a wider audience outside the United States. The agreement encompasses seqWell’s full line of plexWell library preparation kits for a wide range of multiplexed NGS applications.

Releasing in February, plexWell Single-cell Rapid Kit will offer a comprehensive library prep solution for users of CELLINK’s single-cell sorting and reagent dispensing platforms. It will streamline the preparation of NGS libraries for the quick and easy full-length cDNA sequencing of hundreds or thousands of cells, enabling single-cell analysis with market-leading precision.

In addition to the distribution agreement, the companies will also collaborate on additional integrated solutions that address the need for multiplexing of complex genomic assays, building on their complementary platform strengths.

“This collaboration presents an exciting step forward for CELLINK’s Bioscience business area. Working with seqWell, we are now able to offer an entire workflow for single-cell RNA sequencing and NGS library preparation,” says Julian Riba, CSO of cytena, a CELLINK company. “There has been tremendous progress in the field of single-cell analysis, and we now want to make this available to all researchers. seqWell’s robust chemistry and streamlined protocols fit well with our strategy of automating and democratizing single-cell omics.

“We are excited to work with the CELLINK team and broaden the reach of our powerful omics tools to a larger number of scientists, especially in single-cell applications,” says Joseph Mellor, seqWell CEO. “The complementary portfolio offered by our companies will provide researchers with a more integrated set of solutions that address our customers’ needs.”

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