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Why Invest in BICO?

Five reasons to invest in the future of health.


A world leader in a fast-growing field

BICO is a world leader in bioconvergence and provides innovative and groundbreaking technologies, products and services that enable our customers to create the future of health with the help of Health 4.0. We expect good underlying market growth for many years to come, driven by demand for better technologies for pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Strong demand and high gross margins

There is strong demand for the Group’s products, and the share of revenue from consumables is increasing steadily. The Group companies have overall high gross margins*, 72.2 percent percent in 2021, the gross margin structure in acquired companies varies depending on the product mix, which means BICO is well positioned for long-term profitability. The business model gradually increases the share of recurring income in the form of services and consumables.

* Definition of gross margin on page 142 in our annual report , alternative key ratios.


Strong organic growth

Since inception, BICO has delivered strong organic growth – 44 percent for the full year 2021 – based on combining innovative R&D with a commercial focus, resulting in a game-changing product offering.


Innovative R&D and an extensive IP portfolio

The Group has more than 330 engineers and researchers working alongside leading academic research organizations and pharmaceutical companies in product development, advancing multidisciplinary technologies and finding innovative solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. Joint R&D projects involving several Group companies have resulted in products with clear commercial synergies, such as BIO MDX and C.STATION. The Group’s IP portfolio includes more than 495 pending patent applications and granted patents over more than 111 unique innovations that enables the Group to develop innovative products with enduring competitive advantages.


Strategic client-focused acquisition agenda

BICO has a proven track record of executing a value-generating and customer-centric M&A agenda that enables synergies and broadens the product portfolio in bioconvergence. With a dedicated M&A team, BICO continues to focus on developing and expanding its offering.

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