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We are the champions!

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For the last six weeks, eight different groups of 36 employees have gathered and trained for our first table tennis tournament, with a fun-filled barbeque following the awards ceremony.

Congratulations to our winners!

At DISPENDIX, one of our core values is fun and this fun resides not only in our daily work building premium automated liquid handling products but also in our culture.

people playing ping pong table tennis winners people playing table tennis

According to a study conducted by Loughborough University’s Dr Florence Kinnafick, playing table tennis at work can improve employee job satisfaction, workplace wellbeing, physical activity levels and general well-being.

 Employees primarily used table tennis as a means of taking a break, destressing, and unwinding during their lunchbreaks, as well as catching up with colleagues. When compared with those who did not play table tennis at work, those who played reported better moods and wellbeing.

Table tennis players reported significantly higher job satisfaction and greater competence and connectedness at work than those who played less frequently, according to the study.

To learn more about our culture visit working at DISPENDIX.

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We are the champions!

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