BICO acquires Biosero

Biosero is a San Diego based company, with 75 employees globally and founded in 2003. The company offers software solutions, under the umbrella of Green Button Go, and services which enable seamless laboratory automation for connected and smart workflows. Read more at

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December 16, 2021

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Rationale for the acquisition

Smart software that integrate instruments into automated workflows

The addition of Biosero’s software capabilities brings immediate synergies and will allow BICO to offer its customers fully automated and connected workflow solutions using the combination of technologies and products from current portfolio companies and together with Biosero’s software solutions.

In the short to mid-term, these cross-business synergies have the potential to unlock large orders related to automated workflows.
Biosero’s software and services will be the glue that connects instruments and will enable us to turn single instrument opportunities into large deals

“At BICO we are committed to leveraging our Bio Convergence technologies to develop smart, automated, and sustainable solutions for our customers, and in turn revolutionizing the next generation of the healthcare industry. With Biosero we take a significant and strategic step in expanding our portfolio with combinatorial smart software systems and to enable automated workflows. The Biosero software platform will serve as a glue to our impressive portfolio of hardware, innovative instruments and solutions, tying together the great hardware technologies we have acquired of the years. Through improved efficacy and efficience this leads to better and faster decision making for our customers and contributes to solving the modern healthcare challenges we face.”

Erik Gatenholm, CEO
and co-founder of BICO

Accelerating Software Capabilities

With Biosero the Group is accelerating its software offering which will be vital in all future product development and can be implemented in existing offering.
For example, the newly launched C.STATION by CYTENA is a collaboration where BICO’s instruments are merged with Biosero’s Green Button Go software.
c.station - A bio convergence solution

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