BICO joins The North American 3Rs Collaborative’s (NA3RsC) Microphysiological Systems (MPS) Initiative

BICO has officially joined the NA3RsC MPS Initiative, a collaboration to increase industry adoption and regulatory acceptance of microphysiological technologies with the ultimate goal of refining, reducing, and replacing research animals. An initiative that closely aligns with work done by BICO Bioprinting and its subsidiaries.

The BICO Group joins 40 other institutions in this initiative, with the goal of increasing the adoption of MPS technologies that could potentially replace or reduce some animal models that are used for drug development. MPS includes tissue models such as spheroids, organoids, and organs-on-chips. This mission directly ties to the work of several of the BICO Group Companies, especially those within the bioprinting business area like CELLINK, MatTek, Advanced Biomatrix  and Visikol.


The North American 3Rs Collaborative (NA3RsC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance science, innovation, and research animal welfare through collaborative 3Rs efforts (refine, reduce, and replace). The group’s initiatives are focused on implementing efforts pertaining to the 3R principle. A principle with ample evidence of effectiveness, potential for big impact, and ultimately, methods that are realistic considering the status quo and current research trends.


The MPS initiative focuses on four main areas: Conference and Education about MPS Technology, Technology Hub, Interacting with Pharmaceutical Companies, and Regulatory Acceptance.


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