Biosero, a Part of BICO Biosciences Is Awarded a New Patent for Laboratory Automation Scheduling Software

Granted by the United States Patent Office, with extensions filed globally the patent covers an approach that gives laboratories the ability to increase productivity and efficiency for time and cost efficiencies.


Biosero, Inc., a BICO company and developer of laboratory automation solutions to orchestrate scientific discoveries, announced the issuance of a key patent underlying its Green Button Go® laboratory automation scheduling software. This patent will accelerate the Bioconvergence Revolution by enabling the implementation of larger, more connected automated scientific solutions while also providing an unprecedented degree of process flexibility that has been missing in lab automation to date.


Biosero’s Green Button Go software allows scientists to automate workflows ranging from a single workstation to operations that span multiple labs. With a number of extensions, hundreds of available drivers, and an intuitive control interface, Green Button Go software is setting the standard for laboratory automation with its flexibility, scalability and easy customization.


“At Biosero, we are committed to delivering innovative laboratory automation solutions to help our customers discover novel scientific insights and accelerate the development of new cures for disease,” said Tom Gilman, CEO of Biosero. “The award of this patent recognizes that innovation and also provides validation that even with many software tools on the market, there is room for a truly novel and differentiated approach.”


The patent, titled “Automated Control of Multi-Process Using Robotic Equipment for Complex Workflows,” covers an important capability known as Multipath Scheduler, which provides users with advanced tools for moving samples through the lab, such as the ability to plot several trajectories for different plates that will be run simultaneously. The technology enables the scheduling and execution of complex labware transportation scenarios that are dynamically planned, optimized, and scheduled across different modes of transportation simultaneously — such as multiple robot arms, tracks, conveyors, and autonomous mobile robots.


“Automated lab workflows are becoming increasingly complex, and automation software has to keep up by giving users more flexibility and more sophisticated features to manage their processes,” said David Dambman, Chief Technology Officer at Biosero and an inventor on the patent. “Our Multipath Scheduler tool represents a core capability for any scheduling software platform and ensures the efficient and robust delivery of labware to where it needs to be in an ever-changing and complex laboratory environment.”


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