Successful integration of BICO companies Mattek and Visikol

BICO is thrilled to announce the successful commercial integration of Mattek and Visikol, two of its pioneering companies in human-relevant research. This strategic decision, aimed at providing our customers with even better solutions, marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to lead the way in tissue model innovation.

And while this exciting new stage of both companies is technically not a legal merger, the cooperation between the two will ensure strengthened and more unified commercial and operational integration to make a united impact on the health care industry. The purpose is to leverage the synergies between the two companies which operate in the same field so that revenue can be increased, and costs more effectively shared between both companies.

Michael Johnson, CEO at Visikol and future Chief Commercial Officer for both companies:

”Today marks an exciting milestone for Visikol as we join forces with MatTek under the MatTek brand, and continue to work towards our shared mission of reducing the use of animals in research. Our commercial integration will enable us to leverage our respective strengths and capabilities to better serve our clients and customers with unparalleled support and quality. We look forward to collaborating with the MatTek team and contributing to the growth and success of the organization.”

Alex Armento, CEO Mattek:

”By combining the strengths of both companies under the MatTek brand, we are confident that we can accelerate growth, profitability, and help our clients get their products to market more quickly. We are proud to welcome Visikol to the MatTek family, and we look forward to providing our customers with unparalleled support and quality.”

Erik Gatenholm CEO at BICO:

”BICO remains committed to reducing the use of animals in research and promoting human-relevant testing solutions. We believe that this commercial integration is a crucial step towards achieving our mission, and we are excited to continue driving the future of human-relevant research together with our valued partners and customers.”

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