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SCIENION & Cellenion launch the proteoCHIP LF 48, for label-free single-cell proteomics sample preparation on the cellenONE® platform

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Optimized sample preparation workflows facilitate single cell proteomics applications


Berlin, Germany, and Lyon, France, September 13, 2022: Today, SCIENION and its subsidiary Cellenion, both companies part of the bioconvergence powerhouse BICO, announced the release of the proteoCHIP LF 48. This chip represents the first commercially available solution enabling reproducible automated miniaturized single- cell proteomics sample preparation and standardized workflow for label-free single-cell mass spectrometry-based proteomics analysis. The proteoCHIP LF 48 was developed in partnership with the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology in Vienna, Austria.


Single-cell proteomics is a cutting-edge field of research, as proteins are the main drivers of cellular function. In-depth characterization of individual cells by mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics leads to new discoveries about biological processes and allows better understanding of disease mechanisms.

Cellenion has been committed to single-cell isolation and applications in this field since its founding in 2016. The proteoCHIP LF 48, dedicated to label-free workflows, is the second proteoCHIP product brought to the market by Cellenion, after the proteoCHIP 12*16 for multiplex single-cell proteomics workflows launched last year and now used by many leading single-cell proteomics facilities around the world.


The proteoCHIP LF 48 is intended to be run in the cellenONE®, Cellenion’s market-leading instrument for single-cell isolation and ultra-small volume dispensing, which enables users to dispense and prepare a single cell in each well of the proteoCHIP, including on-deck cell lysis and protein digestion. The combination of cellenONE and proteoCHIP LF 48 enables all the front end of mass spectrometry on a single instrument with minimal user intervention, allowing preparation of up to 144 single cells per run. This overcomes the limitations of conventional workflows, including lack of automation and multiple manual sample handling steps, which result in important peptide losses throughout the process.

With the combination of both proteoCHIP versions, Cellenion now thus provides researchers with turnkey solutions for single-cell proteomics sample preparation workflows for both multiplex and label-free approaches.


“We are delighted to expand our single-cell proteomics offering with the launch of this new proteoCHIP,” said Guilhem Tourniaire, Managing Director at Cellenion. “This product complements our existing capabilities in sample preparation for single-cell proteomics, as it enables an end-to-end workflow for scientists undertaking label-free single cell proteomic studies.”


The proteoCHIP LF 48 was launched at the annual symposium of the Austrian Proteomics and Metabolomics Association (APMA) with a symposium focusing on advancements in single-cell proteomics, September 13-15, 2022. The conference was organized by the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) in Vienna, Austria.


For more information on the proteoCHIP LF 48, please visit:



Founded in 2001, SCIENION is a renowned specialist in ultra-low volume precision liquid handling in the pico-liter to micro-liter range, enabling applications from research to high-throughput production of assays in diagnostics and life sciences. Addressing the dynamically increasing needs for miniaturization and multiplex analyses, SCIENION is an ISO 9001:2015 certified complete solution provider offering a unique portfolio of automated precision dispensing systems, readers, consumables, assay development and contract manufacturing services. The company operates from two sites in Germany, Berlin and Dortmund, and has subsidiaries in Phoenix, Arizona (USA), Portsmouth (UK), and Cellenion in Lyon (France).

SCIENION is part of BICO, the world’s leading bioconvergence company, providing technologies, products and services to create the future of health.


About Cellenion

Cellenion offers solutions and technologies for controlled cell dispensing with applications in the fields of single-cell isolation. Cellenion has developed cellenONE®, a unique technology allowing high-throughput, image-based automated sorting and dispensing of cells onto any substrate. Together with a range of dedicated consumables, cellenONE enables miniaturization of sample preparation protocols. With no dead volumes and outstanding recovery rates, Cellenion’s platform offers unique capacities for applications including single cell transcriptomics, genomics, proteomics, rare cells and cell line development. Cellenion operates from Lyon, France. The company is a subsidiary of SCIENION GmbH and its products are sold by SCIENION worldwide.


About BICO

Founded in 2016, BICO (formerly CELLINK) is the world’s leading bioconvergence company, with three business areas: Biosciences, Bioautomation, and Bioprinting. BICO reduces the organ shortage and speeds up drug development by providing accessible life science solutions that combine biology and technology, fundamentally shifting the global healthcare industry.

Using a combination of robotics, artificial intelligence, advanced genomics, and 3D bioprinting, our innovative technologies enable researchers and practitioners in the life sciences to conduct cell line development in 3D, perform high-throughput drug screening and diagnostics, and print human tissues and organs for the medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. BICO is the future of life-saving treatments, as we enable our customers to improve people’s health and lives. Our products are trusted by more than 3,500 laboratories, including the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. We have more than 32,000 instruments in the field in over 65 countries and have been cited in over 11,000 publications. BICO is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under BICO.




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SCIENION and Cellenion launch the proteoCHIP LF 48, for label-free single-cell proteomics sample preparation on the cellenONE® platform

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SCIENION & Cellenion launch the proteoCHIP LF 48, for label-free single-cell proteomics sample preparation on the cellenONE® platform

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