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OKR’s & Fun

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At DISPENDIX, two of our core beliefs are agility and fun. As a start up we need to act faster and more flexible than traditional project management methods to bring premium liquid handlers to our customers, which makes us more dynamic. With users in mind, we are constantly developing new products and features that brings all the benefits laboratory automation with easy implementation to our customers.

What are OKR’s?

It is a way to define and track goals more efficiently using the objectives and key results (OKR) framework. OKRs are commonly used for mapping high-end company goals, and the main advantages include:

  • Focus by setting straightforward, strong, and inspiring goals
  • Alignment at all work levels through transparency and simplicity
  • Engaging employees by sharing strategic goals and empowering them to determine actionable steps toward our shared vision

Every quarter, we set OKRs in each department and every employee passionately works hard to meet the expected results. We believe that transparency and continuous improvement are both essential to solving the major hurdles in healthcare. We love being a dynamic and international start-up and still benefit from a flat organizational structure.

Always time for some fun!

We value an open-minded atmosphere and champion collaboration. As we do like to work together so of course playing together often goes hand in hand with our corporate culture of teambuilding and fun. It is important to us to take time to recognize every employee’s effort and contribution to the business, and we regularly celebrate accomplishments. Every Friday, we meet up at the end of day for some down time just before the weekend begins.

This last Friday, as we finalized the next quarter’s OKRs. We held a barbeque to celebrate the accomplishments from the last three months of hard work.


PEOPLE OKR workshop

We are proud to be part of the fast-growing and promising life sciences industry dedicated to improving healthcare. Let’s make the world better and create the future of health!​ If you are interested in learning more about our culture, read our page working at DISPENDIX.

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