6-printhead 3D bioprinter


Enabling high-throughput 3D cell culturing and bioprinting to create the future of health.

The epitome of user-friendly flexibility.

Bioprint with more materials for even more complex models.

Independent dual pressure that enables coaxial and mixing printing.

Create multimaterial constructs with a mix of crosslinking modalities thanks to six printheads.

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6 printheads enabling more complex structures and physiologically relevant models.

Designed to do even more

The BIO X6’s exceptional features maximize versatility to enhance your success in the following application areas and beyond.
Bioprinted organs & organoids
Drug delivery
3D models for drug discovery
Meat production
Biosensors building & research
Artificial tissues & constructs
Development of medical devices

Pushing boundaries with added features

The BIO X has enabled groundbreaking research all over the world. We're pushing the boundaries even further with the BIO X6.
Touchless nozzle autocalibration
4 UV modules
Software on tablet or laptop
6 printheads
Co-axial & Mixing printing
Multimaterial and crosslinking combinations in one protocol
Vertical motorized door
Dual pressure regulation

Co-axial printing

Independent dual pressure regulation to seamlessly enable co-axial and mixing printing.

Vertical motorized door

A hands-free solution enhancing productivity and compactness.

Intelligent Printhead System​

Six printheads offer significantly increased throughput, cutting down overall print time and improving experiment efficiency. Leverage the use of mechanical, droplet or pneumatic extrusion all in one construct.

Total control of your print

Utilize a range of materials and cell types thanks to precise printhead and printbed temperature control.

Enhanced user Experience

The well-engineered BIO X6 comes standard with high precision motors, ensuring you can control the finest movements.

A built in compressor and auto calibration mean each BIO X6 is ready to use right out of the box.

Maximum Convenience

BIO X6 has you covered however you want your lab set up. The intuitive, onboard software allows you to work from the included tablet or a computer.

Total control

Control every aspect of your print from the intuitive and easy-to-use DNA Studio software on your tablet or laptop. Whether it is multilayer printing, layer-by-layer crosslinking, custom material definition or even protocol saving, the BIO X6 software has it all.


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The Leader of 3D Bioprinting

CELLINK is the leading innovator of technologies at the forefront of 3D cell culture, driving to a future where on-demand bioprinted human organs and tissues are a reality.

As a part of the BICO family, CELLINK is working alongside with other companies within the group in engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, advanced genomics and bioprinting, leveraging the power of Bio-convergence to unlock synergies and offer products that accelerate research and create the future of health.