Business Area


Accelerating the development and manufacturing of innovative, reliable, cost-effective diagnostic and bioanalytical platforms for patients, consumers, public health and the environment.

Scalable, Automated
and Cost-Effective

The Bioautomation business area provides customers in the life science and diagnostics industries with complete products and services for precision dispensing, advanced sample preparation, multiplex analyzes and analysis miniaturization, manufacturing of diagnostic products and medical devices, and enables scalability for research to production on an automated and cost-efficient way.
The business area offers a unique and comprehensive product portfolio as well as industry-leading expertise that makes it possible to develop customized customer-specific solutions ranging from application support and customized hardware and software to contract manufacturing.

Developing The Next Generation:

Single-cell solutions for multiomics
Cell-line development
Drug screening
3D model development

Featured Product Offering

Cellenion’s spheroONE is an innovative single large-particle
sorter and dispenser which revolutionizes 3D cellular models handling. Using precision dispensing technology together with advanced image-based sorting capabilities, spheroONE is the perfect platform for the selection and isolation of single spheroids, organoids and tumoroids. It is a game-changer in drug screening and other applications where standard 3D models will gradually replace traditional animal models.

Qinstrument’s BioShake product family comes in multiple different variants depending on a users mixing goals. Fundamentally, this product line offers an ultra-efficient, 2-dimensional shaking axis so that samples mix completely in a fraction of the time of competing systems. Perfect for sample preparation processes across a range of applications like flow cytometry, forensic chemistry to next generation sequencing.

The state-of-the-art sciFLEXARRAYER product line from SCIENION enables the automated, ultra-low volume dispensing of liquid samples for diagnostics, genomics, proteomics and other technical applications. Within seconds, samples can be dispensed onto almost any substrate, and the inert nature of the sciFLEXARRAYER’s glass capillaries is ideal for miniaturized chemistry applications, such as polymer and materials research.

Customer Spotlights