Meet Lars, Senior Financial Controller at BICO
Enhancing Financial Reporting

Lars is a previous CFO with more than 25 years of experience, with more than 50 acquisitions under his belt. With Lars, we are improving our financial reporting and integration processes so that we can maintain a continuous improvement of the business and follow the financial development. 

When Lars isn’t crunching numbers and making magic with us, he enjoys golfing and fishing unless there are no social events with friends and family. Lars lives in Gothenburg within walking or biking distance when weather approve.

1. What do you do at BICO?

In my role as a Senior Financial Controller, my focus is to enhance our financial reporting, use what we have and continue to develop as BICO continues to grow. As BICO is growing at a rapid pace, I look forward to continuing to help the company manage our finances.

2. What excites you most about working at BICO?

It has been incredibly exciting being in a company that is in the forefront and driver of its business, combining new technologies with biology and continuously pushing the boundaries of science.

3.What do you enjoy most being at BICO?

I like the enthusiasm that everyone brings to BICO and welcoming atmosphere from all colleagues, regardless of the area you work in. It is one big family, all working together to achieve a greater goal of creating the future of health.

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