Combining biology,

robotics AI genomics bioprinting

to create the future of health.

We consist of 14 subsidiaries extending the boundaries of what’s possible to give people better and healthier lives.
Create the future of health.
Provide technologies, products, and services that enable researchers and clinicians to create, understand, and master biology.
We enable our customers to grow cells in 3D environments, conduct high-throughput drug screening and print human tissues and organs for the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

We can create human tissues and organs using cells from our own bodies, paving the way to make us our own organ donors, reducing organ rejection and solve the problem with lack of donors.

We can improve healing by developing new, better and individualized treatments, even faster than before.

We can save lives with faster and more accurate methods for drug discovery, while eliminating the unnecessary use of animal testing.

We can prevent outbreaks and proactively plan around new diseases with better diagnostics.

BICO by numbers

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Why invest in BICO?

World leader in a rapidly growing field
BICO is the world leading bioconvergence company providing innovative and cutting-edge technology, products and services which enables our customers to master biology and create the future of medicine in a rapidly growing field where the total market is expected to be in excess of USD 150 billion.
Strong organic growth
BICO has since inception delivered a strong organic growth story based on combining excellent R&D with commercial execution resulting in a game-changing product offering by combining biology and technology.
Customer centric M&A agenda
BICO has a proven track-record of executing a value-generating and customer centric M&A agenda enabling strong synergies and time- and cost-efficient workflows to our customers.
Market position
BICO is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the market opportunities offered in the bioconvergence arena, where we can contribute and cut costly and lengthy development processes for drugs to reach patients, cater for the increased demand for efficient workflows as well as capitalize on the strong development in regenerative and precision medicine and the growing need for personalized medicine.
Acquisition strategy
BICO has in a successful way integrated acquired businesses with a common strategy agenda and strong and vibrant corporate culture.

Goals & targets

Organic annual growth of at least 35 percent and grow further through acquisitions.
Show a positive EBITDA margin.
Dividend policy
According to the company’s dividend policy, the company intends not to distribute any dividend within the next three years. Decisions on dividends and the amount of dividends must take into account the company’s plans for expansion and potential acquisitions, as well as the company’s financial position and indebtedness.
Capital structure
The company’s net debt-to-EBITDA ratio should not normally exceed 3 times.

Focus areas

Strengthen our position as the leading Bio Convergence company in the world.

Reach financial targets.

The best customer care in the industry.

Best supply chain, quality, and design in the industry.

Happy and motivated team.

Develop a sustainability agenda.