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Nomination committee

BICO’s AGM 2022 decided not to propose any changes to the principles for the appointment of the members of the Nomination Committee and its instructions, which were resolved on the AGM 2021. The Nomination Committee still consist of five members, one of whom shall be the Chairman of the Board. The other members shall be appointed by the four largest shareholders (in terms of voting rights) in the company as of the end of September. If the Chairman of the Board, directly or indirectly, is one of the four largest shareholders, the Chairman of the Board shall refrain from nominating a member to the Nomination Committee. The principles also include a procedure for the replacement of a member who leaves the Nomination Committee prematurely or where a member represents a shareholder who is no longer one of the four largest shareholders in terms of voting rights.
The names of the members of the Nomination Committee shall be presented no later than six months before the AGM 2023. The composition of the Nomination Committee from time to time shall be published at BICO’s website. A press release stating the composition of the present Nomination Committee and the procedure for shareholders to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee was published on October 8, 2021, and has been made available at BICO’s website. The following members of the Nomination Committee were appointed:

• Mats Engström (appointed by Erik Gatenholm)

• Claes Dinkelspiel (appointed by Héctor Martínez)

• Malin Björkmo (appointed by Handelsbanken Fonder)

• Jan Dworsky (appointed by Swedbank Robur Fonder)

• Carsten Browall (Chairman of the Board)

In aggregate, the nominating shareholders represented approximately 39 percent of the votes in BICO. The Nomination Committee held 5 meetings during the year. The Nomination Committee shall submit proposals for resolution to the AGM 2023 regarding the election of the Chairman of the AGM, the number of Board members, the election of the Chairman and other members of the Board, Board fees and remuneration for committee work, election and remuneration of auditors, and, where applicable, changes to the instructions for the Nomination Committee.

The Nomination Committee’s proposals will be announced in the notice for the 2023 AGM and on the company’s website.

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