Focus Areas

Next Generation Core Industrial Ecosystem (NXCIS)

Explore the key research disciplines that are shaping the future of health.

Tissue Engineering

Companies within the BICO group are actively addressing the challenges within the tissue engineering fields. Empowering researchers with the tools and knowledge to develop physiologically relevant models that effectively recapitulate in-vivo biology.


Analyzing fundamental information from the building blocks of life like genetic information, protein development and signaling pathways. Technologies from within the BICO group give researchers the edge by powering cost effective and time efficient workflows.

Cell Line Development

Harnessing the power of biology through the development of highly effective strains of cells, essential in the process of biologics production.


Identifying and monitoring biomarkers and metabolic parameters to determine health conditions. The BICO group provides tailored solutions for researchers to capture maximum data catalyzing life changing insights.