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Discover Echo Launches New Confocal Microscope for High-Resolution Imaging

February 24, 2023 3:05 pm

Discover Echo, a BICO company and a leading provider of innovative microscopy and imaging technologies, has launched its latest product: the Echo Confocal microscope – an advanced imaging system delivering high-resolution images of biological samples with exceptional clarity and detail.

This product opens the door to a brand-new global market for Discover Echo as the Echo Confocal will bring unparalleled usability and accessibility. The Echo Confocal microscope is designed for ease of use, and with a range of automated functions to simplify image acquisition. Its unique intuitive user interface makes it easy for researchers of all skill levels to operate, while its compact design allows it to fit easily into any lab setting.

Confocal microscopes are used to study living cells and tissues, providing high-resolution, three-dimensional images with exceptional detail. They are particularly useful for investigating cellular processes, protein localization, and fluorescently-labeled molecules in living cells. 
The Echo Confocal microscope provides increased spatial resolution and minimizes image degradation caused by out-of-focus light. It also includes a range of advanced imaging features, including 3D imaging capabilities, mosaic tiling and live cell imaging timelapse.
"We're excited to bring this advanced confocal microscope to the scientific community," said Eugene Cho, CEO of Discover Echo. "With its high-resolution imaging capabilities and user-friendly interface, the Echo Confocal microscope is an essential tool for researchers in fields ranging from basic cell biology to drug development and neurobiology." 
“We are thrilled to announce a major enhancement to our suite of innovative laboratory products,” said Erik Gatenholm, President & CEO of BICO Group. "The Echo Confocal microscope brings accessibility, high-quality imaging, and unparalleled user-friendliness to the confocal microscopy industry, challenging the conventional way of doing things. The system complements BICO’s cell biology technologies – including 3D cell culture, organoids, and bioprinting products – with a high-speed, high-content 3D imaging and analysis platform that is accessible to our customers around the globe." 
BICO remains committed to providing the scientific community with accessible life science solutions that advance scientific discovery and drive progress towards the future of life-saving treatments. The Echo Confocal microscope is now available for purchase directly from Discover Echo's website at https://discover-echo.com/confocal/. For more information, please contact Discover Echo at info@discover-echo.com. 
About Discover Echo: 
Founded in 2013, Discover Echo is a microscopy and imaging company headquartered in San Diego, California. Discover Echo has revolutionized the scientific industry by offering hybrid automated microscopes with greater versatility than other systems on the market.  Discover Echo has significantly improved the usability of their microscopes by replacing traditional eyepieces with ultra-high-resolution touchscreen displays and offering a unique software app that advances the workflow of acquiring, sharing, and analyzing images.

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