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We’re equipping hundreds of labs and thousands of scientists worldwide with cutting-edge technologies that fuel groundbreaking scientific breakthroughs. With a commitment to quality and innovation, our technologies, products and services have contributed to revolutionary advancements in the life science industry.

With six printheads in total for unparalleled versatility, the BIO X6 bioprinter from CELLINK makes it easier to produce more complex and sophisticated constructs with a broader range of materials, cells and crosslinking tools. With many possible combinations, the six slots significantly increase throughput, cut down on print time and improve experiment efficiency. The BIO X6 is the preferred system for researchers seeking to enhance 3D cell culturing, tissue engineering, disease modeling and drug screening applications.

MatTek’s patented EpiDerm system is a leading in vitro testing technology for dermal toxicologists and formulation scientists. With multiple ECVAM validations and OECD accepted test guidelines, EpiDerm is a proven in vitro model system for chemical, pharmaceutical and skin care product testing.

The highest density collagen ink available on the market from Advanced Biomatrix, tailored for effortless bioprinting. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body making it the premier material for developing bioprinted constructs with in vivo like conditions.

The Quantum X BIO, a true demonstration of bioconvergence. A product that is co-developed by CELLINK and Nanoscribe, it is the first of its kind 3D bioprinter, enabling submicron printing resolution, and raising the bar for high precision 3D bioprinting. Powered by Two Photon Polymerization (2PP), the system is the premier tool for miniaturizing bioprinting, redefining what it means to work within advanced biomedical applications, including tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

The C.BIRD microbioreactor from CYTENA offers parallel cultivations in 96-well plates, bringing the production capacity of bioreactors to the 150 to 1,600 μL microbioreactor scale. It screens and monitors valuable cell culture parameters for hundreds of cell lines from the earliest stages, enables the early identification of the highest producing and most stable clones in order to reduce later passaging steps and scale-up efforts. Compared to traditional static culturing, the C.BIRD improves cell proliferation, recombinant protein yield and volume specific productivity

The first of its kind, the Revolution from Discover Echo offers researchers both an inverted and upright microscope capable of ultra fast scanning, mosiac image stitching providing users with brightfield, fluorescence and phase contrast imaging capabilities. Revolution is driven by Discover Echo’s propietary software module on a Surface Studio bringing a more collaborative and intuitive experience to the user by eliminating the need for eyepieces.

The UP.SIGHT streamlines cell line development (CLD) workflows by automating labor-intensive and timeconsuming steps. Thanks to the combination of a patented, highly efficient, fast and gentle single-cell dispensing technology with a superfast, high-quality imaging system users acquire full well images without the need for image stitching. This all-in-one solution from CYTENA enables nozzle imaging and 3D Full Well Imaging for double assurance of clonality from two independent optical apparatuses, leading to a probability of clonality >99.99%.

A high-throughput microbioreactor with CO2 incubator functions. The S.NEST from CYTENA shortens the process time for cell upscaling, provides a better microscale environment for cell growth, and brings more efficiency to cell line selection.

Immediate Drop-on-demand Technology I.DOT from DISPENDIX brings intuitive automation, precision and speed to non-contact liquid handling tasks like next-generation sequencing library prep, high-throughput screening and cellular assays. It reduces hands-on time and operator bias and works with low volumes for assay miniaturization. Droplets of multiple liquid classes are dispensed into the target plate below the source plate, eliminating carryover and cross-contamination.

Green Button Go Orchestrator software suite from Biosero is an end-to-end laboratory management solution for designing, scheduling, launching, and managing lab workflows within a lab, across labs, or at facilities around the world.

Green Button Go Scheduler lets scientists integrate, control, and schedule multiple instruments and devices in the lab from a single interface, matching laboratory automation to science, creating a cohesive technology ecosystem that accelerates operations and increases productivity.

Cellenion’s spheroONE is an innovative single large-particle
sorter and dispenser which revolutionizes 3D cellular models handling. Using precision dispensing technology together with advanced image-based sorting capabilities, spheroONE is the perfect platform for the selection and isolation of single spheroids, organoids and tumoroids. It is a game-changer in drug screening and other applications where standard 3D models will gradually replace traditional animal models.

Qinstrument’s BioShake product family comes in multiple different variants depending on a users mixing goals. Fundamentally, this product line offers an ultra-efficient, 2-dimensional shaking axis so that samples mix completely in a fraction of the time of competing systems. Perfect for sample preparation processes across a range of applications like flow cytometry, forensic chemistry to next generation sequencing.

The state-of-the-art sciFLEXARRAYER product line from SCIENION enables the automated, ultra-low volume dispensing of liquid samples for diagnostics, genomics, proteomics and other technical applications. Within seconds, samples can be dispensed onto almost any substrate, and the inert nature of the sciFLEXARRAYER’s glass capillaries is ideal for miniaturized chemistry applications, such as polymer and materials research.