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Our People

Our People is based on the Group’s overall HR strategy, which shows that this part of sustainability is fully integrated into the business. It consists of group-wide initiatives and measurement tools such as the employee engagement survey. Ultimately, the strategy connects to having prosperous employees that are offered the opportunity to develop in an innovative environment, where the work environment is safe and secure.
BICO as an Employer
Depending on the Group company, we are offering various personnel benefits. For instance, we offer up to six weeks of financially compensated time off and health care benefits such as access to gyms. Additionally, we always strive to improve our employees and offer them the chance to both conduct trainings internally, through our platform, The Academy, and our digital town halls, and externally, offering the chance to attend for instance seminars. BICO are working actively to increase employee well-being and to ensure that we maintain skilled employees.
Global Policy
All new employees must sign our Global Policy. The Global Policy covers various behavioral guidelines towards each other and any external parties. For instance, we have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind. 100 percent of the employees within BICO have signed the Global Policy. Further, BICO have introduced a new Code of Conduct for the employees in October 2021 (read more on page 58) which so far 38 percent of the employees within BICO have been educated in. The goal is for all employees to receive education in the Code of Conduct during 2022.
Initiatives for 2022
During 2022 the Group will focus on establishing various initiatives, such as introducing more sustainability trainings in our e-learning portal, the Academy, starting mentorship programs or set up more employee benefits or team events, to mention a few.
Employee Engagement Survey
During 2021 we conducted our first ever corporate-wide employee engagement survey. All BICO Group companies’ employees were offered the chance to partake in an anonymous survey and the response rate for the whole Group was 68 percent. The result of the survey shows that BICO Group offers autonomy, a great team spirit and a clear agenda for our employees and that 68 percent of the employees feel engaged in their role and for the company. The results of the employee engagement survey will spur the agenda and focus for 2022.