Mass Produced Stem Cells as A Gateway to Personalized Medicine

“The tissue block, or T-block, is a 3D scaffold that is expandable and modular to grow stem cells. The goal is to efficiently expand a patient’s own stem cells to engineer organoids or grafts that could be used in life-saving surgeries.”


A.J. Mellott, PhD

The study of adult stem cells has increased exponentially because of recent technological innovations in the life sciences, especially within the field of bioprinting. The array of applications under consideration runs the gamut—from reversing baldness to managing diabetes to transplanting personalized bioprinted organoids.

Ronawk enables large quantity production of adult stem cells thanks to its revolutionary T-blocks (tissue blocks). The technology includes biocompatible hydrogel scaffolds manufactured by CELLINK’s bioprinter LUMEN X+ ™ where stem cells can grow.

With the latter, researchers are envisioning culturing a patient’s own adult stem cells to create viable organoids that could be transplanted into the patient with no need for the long-term immunosuppressant drugs they would have taken with a donated organ.

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Printing vascularized skin

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has developed a bioink of human cells and animal collagen using CELLINK’s BIO X bioprinter.


Mass Produced Stem Cells – A Gateway to Personalized Medicine

Ronawk mass-produces adult stem cells using bioprinters from CELLINK paving the way for the possibility to grow and transplant patients’ own stem cells without the need for the immunosuppressive drugs that are usually required after an organ donation.

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