Patient-Specific Tumor Models for Individualized Drug Testing

“Carcinotech’s testing model makes it possible to screen thousands of potential cancer drug compounds in a high-throughput manner, with disease models that more accurately replicate human tissue and minimize the use of animals for preclinical testing”


Ishani Malhotra, CEO

To address the need for personalized oncology drug testing, CEO Ishani Malhotra founded Carcinotech, the Edinburgh-based biotech company that is bioprinting patient-specific testing models with cells from biopsy samples. Find out how these ingenious researchers benefited from expert support from CELLINK, a BICO company.

Carcinotech produces 3D bioprinted tumor models using patient-derived cancer stem cells, primary cells and established cell lines. They developed their testing platform to enable rapid, ethical, sustainable and personalized drug testing. Because patients have different genetic makeups, a drug that works for one person might not work for others. Some chemotherapy drugs, temozolomide for example, will only work for 50% of patients. It is important to conduct individualized drug testing to ensure that the other 50% with a certain genetic mutation are identified. Then we can prescribe other drugs in the pipeline that will help them fight the cancer.

Breast cancer construct

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Printing vascularized skin

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has developed a bioink of human cells and animal collagen using CELLINK’s BIO X bioprinter.


Mass Produced Stem Cells – A Gateway to Personalized Medicine

Ronawk mass-produces adult stem cells using bioprinters from CELLINK paving the way for the possibility to grow and transplant patients’ own stem cells without the need for the immunosuppressive drugs that are usually required after an organ donation.

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