Precise and Sensitive Tools for COVID-19 monitoring

“We were able to easily create new workflows for PCR and NGS applications and I highly recommend this system for all labs running high-throughput assays that require complex liquid dispensing schemes, as well as those aiming to lower assay costs by reducing reagent volumes.”

Nicola Crosetto, PhD

Given the challenges of combating the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists in both research and diagnostic environments are looking to optimize their workflows for crucial time and cost savings.

An influential example is a study conducted by Dr. Nicola Crosetto’s lab at Karolinska Institutet, in which DISPENDIX liquid handler I.DOT (Immediate Drop-on-demand Technology) was used to automate and streamline a versatile technique (COVseq) for preparing multiplex DNA sequencing libraries from low-input samples with high accuracy, speed and significant reductions in liquid reagent volumes.

The study revealed that the COVseq technique can be easily applied to ongoing pandemic genomic surveillance and adapted to monitor other pathogens such as influenza viruses. In addition, an analysis of costs showed that the technique could be used to sequence thousands of samples per week at less than $10 per sample, including library preparation and sequencing costs.

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