Automation and Protocol Optimization of Single-cell Cloning of iPS Cells Saving Precious Time and Resources

“With the nozzle images, we can reliably see for each cell being dispensed, the size and roundness and we have this [information] before we start dispensing… That’s really very beneficial for the UP.SIGHT and I can say that this technological advancement is really huge.”


Dr. Rafal Krol
Chief Research Scientist

Cell line development is still heavily based on “trial and error” methods and can be often laborious and time-consuming. Some of the biggest challenges include clone stability and the production of unintended molecules. The optimization of the method and the implementation of automation in the process can save precious time and resources.

Using the CYTENA UP.SIGHT, Dr. Rafal Krol optimized and automated processes in single-cell cloning and cell line development stability. The purpose was to produce monoclonal antibodies, viral vectors and iPSC cloning for cell therapy.

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