Automating protein purification to accelerate antibody discovery

Proteins, particularly antibodies, have tremendous research and clinical value, but growing and purifying them can be challenging. To isolate proteins of interest, and produce sufficient yields for ongoing study, labs must carefully remove genetic material, extraneous proteins and other molecules. The process is not unlike panning for gold.
Once a protein is isolated, researchers can characterize its structure, function, interactions and other traits. However, just getting to this point can be time-consuming, expensive and create a significant bottleneck in the drug discovery process.
The faster labs can purify samples; the faster they can test them. But purification can be a slow, manual process, and that slows the entire workflow. By automating this process, labs can process more samples, faster, and move on to validation. The purification process is no longer the rate- limiting step.

Biosero recently helped an immuno-oncology (I-O) company implement Green Button Go® software to fully automate protein purification. This refinement increased walkaway time for lab scientists, mitigated human error, reduced costs and accelerated the antibody discovery workflow.

Historically, protein purification has been a manual process involving hand-pipetted samples, vacuum manifolds and other rote, error-prone and time- consuming tasks. The Green Button Go software enables scientists to design and change workflows quickly and run reproducible methods 24/7.

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